Does John Travolta still have swag?  It's been 36 years since Saturday Night Fever and this 30 second Brazilian Rum commercial hints that even though the 59-year-old's hair has receded, his dancing (and prancing) skills def haven't! This ad only ran over seas but thanks to the internet we get to see it too... Maybe John forgot this?? Vamos Brasilizar!




17 Years After It Was Stolen, The '65 Chevy from 'Pulp Fiction' Has Been Found!

The 1965 Chevy convertible that John Travolta drives in 'Pulp Fiction' was stolen from director Quentin Tarantino 17 years ago. But last week while investigating another car theft, police found it. It's not clear if they know who stole it, but the statute of limitations ran out years ago, so nobody's going to be charged.