If you are squeamish on animal violence then this video isn't for you. Kevin Rose who co-created Digg.com discovered his dog 'Toaster' was being attacked by a raccoon and proceeded to jump right into action. He grabbed the raccoon and tossed it violently down a flight of stairs! He caught the whole thing on security cameras and decided to post it. Not sure he put the disclaimer up because if I saw a raccoon going after my dog (or someone attacking one of my kids), I'd use some necessary roughness too, apologies aside.




Zach's Favorite Cute Animal Videos in Honor of National Pet Month

It's April. And, if you're a person who loves your pet, it's a very special month. The month of April is National Pet Month. It's a time to appreciate your four-legged friends and show your pet a little bit more kindness (or, extra treats).