Our McShea household has been home to dogs and cats at the same time. They all got along, probably like "detente" between the U.S.A. and former U.S.S.R. in the 1980s. So, when I saw this video of best friends: a cheetah cub and puppy, I had to share it.

According to aol.com:

"A cheetah cub that was rejected by its mother has found a true friend in a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy. The cub, Ruuxa, was born without litter mates, and it's common for cheetah parents to abandon the lone offspring in such situations.

Realizing the little cat needed somebody to hang out with, keepers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park found her a new companion. Raina, the pup selected for the task, is also a baby."

Watch these two new best friends in action: