Beyonce was singing 'Irreplaceable' at a show in Denmark recently and while getting up close and personal on the catwalk, one male fan decided to see just how bootylicious The Queen 'B' really was. He spanked her ass, which then prompted the singer to whip around and in the best sassy pose, put him in his place: "I will have you escorted out right now... Alright?"

We have no idea if he was actually ejected from the show, but Bey's remark sounded like a warning anyway. Two thoughts. One: girls are not objects and it should never be okay to touch one in any way unless she says so. Two: this particular girl is KNOWN for her booty, so she shouldn't be surprised (although rightfully offended) that the guy did what he did. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often actually... The guy better look out for Jay-Z though, just sayinnnn. Or maybe her man doesn't need to step in at all, she's got this!