Now I thought I'd heard it all, people proposing while skydiving or with flash mobs, but I guess nobody thought to propose on a tandem wake board, until now. Matthew got down on one knee (took some talent) before his girlfriend Brynn while they were moving and of course, she said yes. Otherwise the camera that took this video would be at the bottom of the ocean... Of course if she said no he coulda just pushed her off! But instead we have slow-mo and sappy piano music... Wtg pal.




Fox 54 Huntsville News Anchor's Jillian Pavlica Proposal Started Through A Teleprompter

If you work in media you should take notes on this one: take advantage of your workplace to ask your lady to marry you. A weekend news anchor for Fox54 in Huntsville, Alabama got engaged on live TV. Her name is Jillian Pavlica, and her boyfriend worked out a pretty great scheme that involved the prompter.