New Zealanders sure know how to have fun! This is supposed to be a prank but sounds more like a favor to me. And they didn't just do one faucet, they re-plumbed the entire house! Quite a few video cameras rolled to chronicle this historic event from the time their friend leaves until he returns home (from work?) hours later. Watching them laugh at their pal from a hidden room is almost more fun for me than his befuddled reaction! This 7 minutes of your time is more than worth it!



PrankVsPrank - Jesse Pretends To Cut His Girlfriend Jeanna's Hair

Most girls love their hair like crazy so this girl's boyfriend hit her where it hurts with this pretend hair-cutting prank. Jeanna and Jesse have to be one of the craziest yet coolest couple EVER. Who knew that longevity in relationships was tied to having a sense of humor and being able to take a joke!?