Most people, when they think about weight loss, are thinking that the AVOIDANCE of butter is typically the way to go, but hold on there slick! 

There is a brand new diet trend (these kids and their crazy diets), where people are actually trying to lose weight by putting butter in their coffee?  What?  Are you kidding?  Who came up with this?

It’s actually a spinoff of the Paleo diet, which suggests that you try to eat like a caveman to lose weight.  You normally don’t see many skinny cavemen, right?  I don’t know of too many cavemen brewing up their favorite cup o’ joe either, but the idea is actually putting animal fats and proteins into your coffee works with their principles.

You first, because I don’t think I could stomach it.  Mix at least 2/3 stick of butter into your coffee.  Add some coconut palm oil for flavor.  Word is that it gives you an extra energy boost, and it curbs your appetite and helps you lose weight.  If you can get by the taste, that is.  Good luck with that one.