Are you a big fan of mayonnaise? I can only eat it certain ways without wanting to get sick to my stomach. Maybe you're like me. If so the last thing you'd probably ever add mayo to is pizza. Well someone just did. Not just anyone, Domino's Pizza.

Apparently, in Japan, the hot new trend at Domino's Pizza is getting Mayo as a topping. It isn't just one pizza either, you can get almost anything on the menu with mayo. I guess one of the big sellers is The Mayo Potato Pizza.

The Mayo Potato Pizza features a variety of unique ingredients, at least for the classic Italian pie, as it is packed with onion, corn, potato, pancetta, paprika and mayo.

No word if Domino's is thinking of bringing mayo to the U.S. as a potential topping. We are thinking they wont, but if you love mayo and pizza who are we to destroy your dreams?