After a week of fierce voting for the Keith James All Star Band bassist and almost 1,600 votes cast, Walt Butler of Gridley Paige has emerged victorious with a whopping 42% of the vote!

Jose Lopez of Showtime came in 2nd with another 26% of the vote and runners up included Jeff Moyer (also of Gridley Paige, yeah he plays drums (and guitar too)), Rocky Graziano of Soundbarrier, Dan Mahoney of The BOMB and Billy Carman of Baddog.

Walt will join me and a mystery drummer, unknown guitar player and an as-yet secret singer onstage November 7th at Cavallo's for a fun one-of-a-kind jam!


Photo: Duane Isenberg

Next up, get your nominations ready for who you'd like to see play guitar in our Super Group! Click below for the link and let's keep this ball rolling. Nominations will last for the next week and then it's voting the week after... Let's do this!


Keith James All Star Band

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