So, 62-year-old Paul Marshallsea of South Wales was on vacation in Queensland, Australia is just mozeying along and notices a shark a tad too close to some kids and decides to walk over, grab the shark with some other brave passersby and literally wrestle it away from the children (the grab is at :14 sec in). You'd think he'd be branded a hero, but his work fired him for the act... Why?



Try the little fact that he called in to work SICK that day and when they got wind of the video, that was all the proof they needed to can him. Um, so I'm the only one who has ever called into work to burn off a sick day when I wasn't really sick?? (If my managers are reading this, I'm totally kidding) I think his job should cut him some slack rather than cutting him from the payroll, but maybe he's better off getting a job as a shark wrangler cause he's obviously got the skill-set.