Looking for something different yet thoughtful this Valentines Day? Check out these unique gifts for your Valentine. One of them is even free! 

  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

    As part of a fundraiser for the Bronx Zoo, you can name a cockroach in honor of your lover for $15.00. They'll send a digital certificate with the roach's name/names for your loved one to cherish for years to come.

    Want to show your level of commitment? Then send one of the new options this year called 'The Works.'  It includes a roach pin, unique roach socks, delicious chocolates and the printed certificate for $75.00.

    Roaches are forever!

  • Name A Star After Your Valentine

    Naming a star or constellation after a loved one is so romantic, right? This eternal token of your affection is free. Why is it free? Nobody owns the stars. The International Astronomical Union is the only sanctioned body that has the authority to name celestial bodies. With that said, do a little looking around online, and you'll find many many companies to help you with the process. Your loved one will appreciate the thought and creativity.

  • Star In A Romantic Novel

    Yes, you can star in your personalized romance novel. With more than 50 books to choose from, you'll find love where ever you want, in any location. Yournovel.com is touted as romantic, sexy, fun, memorable, customized gifts sure to impress, for Valentine's or anytime to say, "I Love You."

    It's easy

    1. Pick a book, historical, sports, vacation?

    2. Pick your favorite location, the high seas, England, a castle, the Caribbean?

    3. Would you like a "wild" or "mild" romance?

    4. Want your photo on the cover? Upload it.

    5. Give a few personal details.

    That's all there is to it. Your personalized romance novel will be on its way its way within hours of ordering. Happy reading.

    Wavebreakmedia Ltd/ThinkStock