I can't pronounce his name (well, yes I can) but what I definitely CANNOT do is play any instrument, much less my own as fast as this guy does. My fellow musicians may argue about the lack of feel that Vahid plays with but the truth is, it requires a tremendous amount of control and technique to pull off what his fingers very miraculously do at 200 BPM (beats per minute) much less the 325 BPM he gets up to!! That's right, check out each progressive clip of the same video below of him blowing your mind even further than the last. How his fingers weren't on fire is beyond me and the fun part is watching him stay as relaxed as if he's just lounging around watching TV or something!

200 BPM (Really fast already)



260 BPM (Your average metronome doesn't even HAVE this setting)



300 BPM (Insanely fast)



325 BPM (SUPER insanely fast!)



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