I was shocked to hear the top story of the morning. A Utica Police officer was attacked by a group of people while trying to break up a crowd that gathered to watch and/or take part in a fight. Click here to read the entire story from our sister station WIBX 950. At what point does the thought, "I'll attack the police officer", seem like a good idea? You have to know that decision is not going to end well for you! However it appears Utica Police are being attacked everyday, on Facebook. @*&# The City of Utica, NY Police Department Page is a page on Facebook that is filled with profanity laden tirades against the Utica Police Department. WARNING - If you click on the link to the above Facebook page, be warned, there is a lot of profanity. When I came across the page I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't know such a page existed or could exist for that matter. Why would Facebook allow this? Could they legally remove this page if they wanted too? I don't know the answers to those questions but I would like to hear your opinions. Should this page be allowed to exist on Facebook? Or should Facebook not allow this type of content?