You know that Utica is home to the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, but you may not know the number of breweries that existed in this area during the 19th and 20th centuries. With good water and nearby hop farms in the Waterville area, Utica had the right stuff to be in the beer business.

According to research by Jon Landers and



by Jon Landers

Revised February 2001

The following is a list of Utica Breweries that I h

ave researched during the last 20 years. All

breweries did not bottle beer. Some breweries bott

led their beer some of the years they were in

business but some years did not. Many of them sold

their beer only in kegs to saloons, taverns,

hotels and bottlers. S

Charles Bierbauer Brewery, 93 Third Street, his

first brewery in Utica, 1850 - 1853, made the

first lager beer in Utica. No bottles are kno

w to exist.

Charles Bierbauer Brewery, (West Utica Lager B

eer Brewery) 5 Edward Street, 1853 -


This could have been where the West End Brewing Company got the idea for the name of

their brewery. No bottles are known to exist.

Edward Bright Brewery, Varick Street near Hamil

ton, Utica City Directory. No bottles are

known to exist.

Callahan Brewery, 96 - 106 Catherine Street, successor to Fort Schuyler Brewing Company,

in business only one year, 1901. No bottles a

re known to exist.

Columbia Brewing Company, successor to Charles

Bierbauer Brewery, 5 Edward Street,

incorporated 12/17/1885 - 1887. No bottles are known to exist.

Columbia Street Brewery (G. Ralph & Sons, Propri

etors), 57, 59, & 61 Columbia Street, 1865

Utica City Directory. G. Ralph was associated

with the Oneida Brewery for 23 years and then

started his own brewery. No bottles are known

to exist.

Consumers Brewing Company, 105 Third Avenue, co

rner of Mary and Third. Incorporated

10/9/1896 - 1900. Several bottles of one kind


J. Crinan Brewery, Broad Street between Mohawk

and Third, Historical Map of Utica, 1839.

No bottles are known to exist.

Eagle Brewing Company, NE corner of Third and J

ay Streets, incorporated 9/18/1888. Many

embossed and labeled bottles exist.

10. Robert Edwards Brewery, Lansing Street, manufac

turer of Dr. Cronk’s Beer, 1853 - 1854

Utica City Directory. Dr. Cronk’s stoneware

bottles exist.

Empire Brewing Company Limited, east corner Bla

ndina, incorporated, 6/28/1883, was only

in business one year. No bottles are known t

o exist.

Fort Schuyler Brewing Company (Failey, Joyce &

Co.), NW corner of Second and 98

Catherine Street, 1885 - 1900. No bottles are

known to exist. Fort Schuyler Brewing

Company, after being the Callahan Brewery for

one year (1901), was changed back to Fort

Schuyler in 1902 under new owners, John Boyle,

president, Henry Moore, treasurer, Frank J.

Winslow, secretary. A few blob top bottles wi

th a slug plate are known to exist.

Globe Brewing Company, successor to the Gulf Br

ewery, Jay and Third Street, 1933 - 1936,

Gulf and Globe combined in 1933. Labeled bot

tles exist.

Joseph Goodliff Brewery, corner Columbia and Va

rick, 1828 Utica City Directory through

1875. No bottles are known to exist.

Gulf Brewery, south side of Jay Street and Thir

d, 1827 1933. One of the three Utica

breweries that were in business for more than

one hundred years. No bottles are known to exist.

West End Brewing Company, now called the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, was incorporated

3/15/1888, 811 Edward Street. It has been in

business longer than any other Utica brewery.

It is one of the three Utica breweries that w

ere in business more than one hundred years.


STATES. Many embossed

West End Brewing Company and Utica Club bottl

es exist. Many labeled West End Brewing

Company and F.X. Matt Brewing Company bottles

exist. F. X. Matt II, grandson of the

founder died on February 15, 2001."

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