Remember when you were a kid and the big thing was the banana seats for your bike?  It was almost as awesome as the orange flag that sailed a few feet above the back of it, right?  Since we are all about "being green" and helping the environment, somebody thought it would be a great idea to recycle these seats and use them in the men's room.  There's a million dollar idea.  Or is it?  What do you think.  You're at your favorite watering hole, the seal has been broken and it's finally time to head to the john.  You stumble into there and discover head rests at the urinals.  You mean I can be resting while I'm peeing?  Seriously?  What a great idea, especially if you've already had a few.  If nothing else, these headrests allow you to remain steady and not drench the chinos of the guy next to you.  Recycle these bike seats and give us guys some comfort in the head.  Hey, why not?  There's a couch in the ladies room!