There are frequent fliers. And then there are those who practically make it an Olympic sport.

Tom Stuker, a Chicago-based automotive sales consultant, became the first person ever to rack up 10 million frequent flier miles with United Airlines -- and it only took him 29 years and 6,000 flights to do it.

After his odometer rolled over to the magical number during a trip this weekend, he was greeted by United CEO Jeff Smisek and a group of airline employees with whom Stuker's grown close over the past three decades. They awarded him a one-of-a-kind titanium Global Services membership card loaded with perks, a meeting with Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and a chance to toss the first pitch at a Cubs game. He'll also have his name painted on the side of a 747.

Stucker has traveled to all 50 US states and made 200 round-trips to Australia and nearly 30 round-trips to Asia - for an average of 29,000 miles a month.