It seems the past few weeks Central New Yorkers have looked up to the sky and been reporting seeing weird lights. On August 15th another UFO has been reported over the skies of Utica.

According to Mufon, this sighting took place around 8:30PM:

At 2030 on 8-15-13 my Wife & I were watching TV on our front three season porch. When my Wife looked up and said what the heck is that. We ran outdoors and watched this bright red-orange oval object just under cloud cover traveling at a rate of speed I would estimate to be relevant to our Space Station. It was traveling NW to NE in a straight line and visible for a full 5.5 minutes until it disappeared in the distance. Had this object been much higher We would have thought it to be a satellite, with refection from the sun which had recently set. This object was way to low and moving way too fast & eerily quiet...."

No generally I would just pass off a sighting like this as a satellite. However, it seems the researcher did research.... and.... I actually saw the same thing.

My sighting was around 9PM coming home from the car show in Sylvan Beach. I was on Route 12 heading North towards New Hartford. I noticed in the sky looking towards Whitesboro an orange object just hovering in the sky. It looked low enough to be an airplane, not high enough to be a satellite. I've studied astronomy for many years and I know the difference from seeing a satellite orbit, and the space station orbit... this wasn't it. The object stayed in the same location for a while, then all of a sudden in a straight line sped off towards Vernon.

(The picture above is not what I saw, or the poster. However, it's very similar to the sighting and my sighting.)

Comment with your thoughts below. Let us know if you saw the same thing.


UFO's Spotted Over Rome And Utica On August 5th And 6th 2013

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