On August 8th a UFO was reported over the city of Binghamton New York. Here's what was reported. 

On Mufon here's what was posted:

I was in the lawn looking at the night sky as always and a bright white orb floated in from the north about the altitude of a prop plane. No sound, no blinking or colorful lights. It started moving towards the east after a minute, stopped and hovered for a few seconds.I said in my mind-There you guys are. What are you up to again?(I see them quite a lot lately.Then it took off to the east, floating gradually faster, climbing slightly, and speeding up slowly, then disappeared.Clear night, no planes in the area. Strange, because I see lots of them all over(this is a corridor and Im on top of a mountain. I can see a large part of the sky, and its rural, so theres not much light pollution."

Also another report came in from March 7th 2003:

I went outside to smoke a cigarette late at night,and walked over to the west side of the property to look at the stars,only to see a gigantic thing that I thought at first looked like a galaxy. It was stationary and was in the shape of a domed craft(the dome part was very tall). Inside the the outline was what looked like a million stars. There was also wide bands of color around the thing like transparent-washy looking(red,blue and green). Also a mist enveloped it(partially) and the mist was rotating slowly like around a planet. The countless lights that looked like twinkling stars didnt untwinkle. In the background you could make out a structure-city-like construct. I watched it for 5 minutes or so, went to get my camera, and the battery was dead(never happened before). The next night I had a friend over and we both went outside to smoke (were both nightowls). I thought to myself-Its about the same time(after 1:00 AM),I wonder if that thing is back. Sure enough, there it was. I called him over to the same spot in between the cedars, and asked him-"What do you think of that?!!!" His reply was-"Theyre here!" We watched it for 5 or so minutes just floating there. Couldnt tell how large it was(Because it was so huge and not knowing how far away it was.)Went to get the camera and remembered-the batterys dead. Didnt charge it because I had no way of predicting it would return a second night. Someone else had to see this. Noones talking or they never look up.Or just plain afraid. After processing this in my head a while, the only conclusion I came up with is-FLOATING CITY (of sorts). The airport had to have a nervous breakdown. I wish I watched it for a longer period of time, but it was late and I\we were getting cold, and regretting having no camera."

Now that sighting is very interesting..... A city in the sky. Do you think this was a mothership?

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UFO Spotted Over Utica On August 15th

It seems the past few weeks Central New Yorkers have looked up to the sky and been reporting seeing weird lights. On August 15th another UFO has been reported over the skies of Utica.