While the state fair is going on in Syracuse New York, apparently crazy sightings in the sky are taking place as well. Two UFO sightings have been reported in August, here's what they both say:

Both reports are from our friends over at Mufon. The first report is from 8/29:

While outside waiting to go to work i looked up and spotted a star like object moving slowly to the north east. I alerted a friend who was standing with me and he spotted it also. The object traveled north east for about 2 miles and then turned and started moving south west.

After it traveled about 3 to 4 miles it stopped and hovered . It then moved slightly to the right and back to the left. A small patch of clouds pasted over it and when the clouds moved on the object was no longed there.

I also have to report seeing a object in the same spot about 2 months ago. This object seems to light up out of nowhere a very bright light, then the light would fade out and the object would also fade out. I found this event a little strange because it happened the same way in the same spot for about 3 months. I have mot seen it again for about 2 months now."

This next report is from Cicero and Liverpool:

1.) I had just been dropped off at home from a friends house. I was walking up the driveway when I just had the urge to look up.

2.) It was a cloudy night. So the bright light caught my eye.

3.) At first I just thought it to be a reflection from a neighbors house. But soon realised it was slowly descending.

4.) The object was like a bright solid light. As I continued to watch it, I moved to a better vantage point so I could try to judge what it was. That's when I noticed it was following me.

5.) I started walking down my street, again trying to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. As I continued to walk down the street for about 100 feet, it had gotten within about 50ft from me. That's when I decided I'd take a picture. Since that night, my cell phone hasn't worked right. At that point I decided I'd had enough fun for one night and quickly ran back to my house and up to my room.

6.) Having ran back so quickly I didn't look to see if I had been followed back. After I had gotten home and got myself calmed down, from my window I could hear a faint humming sound. I went to the window but didn't see the bright light. Instead I saw a slightly hunched over being standing in my driveway behind the tailgate of our truck looking up at me. It remained there for about 5min. Then just disappeared."

Are these two stories related? Also, if these two sightings were true UFO's, do you think they were attempting to take a trip to the NY State Fair for some friendly fair treats?


(PLEASE NOTE that the photo used in this story is a stock photo, not of a UFO, not of a UFO in these reports either.)