Have you ever wondered how important the beer industry is on our economy? I'll answer that one for you with pretty darn important! A new economic impact study released shows America’s entire beer industry contributes $246.6 billion annually to the U.S. economy. That's not chump change either! Let's take a beer break and discuss the facts. 

So who put this study together? A couple drunk guys in the forest? Nope. This study was commissioned by the Beer Institute, and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. The beer industry in America generates more than two million American jobs, nearly $79 billion in wages and benefits and more than $246.6 billion in economic activity. The industry also contributed $49.1 billion dollars in the form of business, personal and consumption taxes in 2012. Again, that's not chump change.

So what does the American Beer Industry look like? According to BeerPulse it looks like this:

The American beer industry includes:

· 2,851 brewing establishment

· 3,728 distributors

· 576,353 retailers

So how does this industry truly serve the country?

“Beer serves America at virtually every level of the economy, from the two million employees, to the small businesses in middle class communities, and the important tax revenues at the local, state and national levels,” said Tom Long, CEO of MillerCoors and chairman of the Beer Institute. “From farmers to factory-workers, from brewery-hands to bartenders, beer puts Americans to work.”

As always, drink responsibly, and drink knowing that your dollars are impacting the economy in a bright way!