Twitter turned 7 years old yesterday and is now old enough to tie it's shoes and do it's homework without too much supervision. Although it may be newly out of it's toddler stage, it is wildly popular and it seems anybody and everybody likes to hang out their laundry both clean and dirty for all to see. Here are the Top 10 Twitter feeds since then that've racked up the most followers. We included their links so you can add yourself to their millions of faithful minions...


Twitter / Keith James

#1.)  Justin Bieber,  36,337,967 followers

#2.)  Lady Gaga,  35,277,671 followers

#3.)  Katy Perry,  33,872,954  followers

#4.)  Rihanna,  28,889,046 followers

#5.)  President Obama,  28,652,144 followers

#6.)  Taylor Swift,  25,228,097 followers

#7.)  YouTube,  25,117,989 followers

#8.)  Britney Spears,  24,902,734 followers

#9.)  Shakira,  20,068,502 followers

#10.)  Ellen DeGeneres,  17,751,236  followers

Oh, and #11. (yeah right!) Keith James,  82 followers! Hahahah... Maybe if I tweeted more often than once a year, I'd have a tad more birdy buddies :) Help?