Wait, isn't Rock Paper Scissors a random game of chance? Well, turns out there's a science to this game that kids use to solve their disputes and guess what, it's not just kids playing it! There are actually grown-ups playing in World Championships for this game and they're offering advice on how to win. I'm thinking people have WAY too much time on their hands, but nevertheless here are 4 ways to come out on top for your next 'best-of-three' with your little ones where something you don't want to give away is at stake!

Strategy #1: Control The Tempo

It's easy to manipulate people into doing what you want when you don't give them time to think about their choice. I'm the same and panic like crazy when time is short. so, if people are pressured, their default choice is usually 'ROCK'!

Strategy #2: Exploit Your Opponent's Lack Of Strategy

Like you, I thought this was a game of chance but apparently not. So, if you understand the real strategies behind it, chances are your opponent has no clue. Most people in an effort to be unpredictable will change their throw every time which can work to your advantage. If you think they'll change their answer, your 30% odds of winning goes up to 50%!

Strategy #3: Do Research

Believe it or not there are books out there on this whole thing (still boggles my mind) so if you're REALLY interested on how to become a RPS pro and maybe even make some cash at this game here are a couple of statistics to keep in mind: instead of doing a best-of-3 challenge, extend it to best-of-5 for better chances. Also, men tend to throw rock most, then paper, then scissors (real original guys) and the most common order for women is rock, scissors then paper.

Strategy #4: Cheat

That's right, you can throw something called the 'turkey-claw' which is half-way between paper and scissors and then decide which one you wanna do depending on what your opponent does! Wow... I can't WAIT for my kids to come home and try this stuff out on em now!