We've all seen stupid things and known stupid people. Heck we've even done stupid things of our own. But taking the concept to a pure art form is one 20-year-old Michael Baker of Jenkins, Kentucky, who decided to post on Facebook a picture of himself siphoning gas from a police car.

 The photo (not this one, the one on Facebook) shows Michael squatting down near the rear of the police car with a siphoning hose in the gas tank while he smiles at the camera and proudly shows off his middle finger. A lot of people saw the photo, including a few officers of the Jenkins police department, who promptly arrested Mr. Baker and charged him with theft by unlawful taking. Not amused by the photo at all, Police Chief Allen Bormes said that if Baker would steal from police, he'd steal from "just about anybody." Authorities say they now plan to buy lockable gas caps for their police cars.