Over the weekend Facebook feeds of Westmorland residents were a buzz of the passing of 19 year old Nick Beach. His autopsy shows he died after suffering an asthma attack. Friends and family have put together a Facebook page titled “RIP Nick Beach”. The page has only been up since Saturday but it already has over 700 likes.

Nick was part of Westmoreland’s Class of 2011. He was enrolled at Herkimer County Community College under the Criminal Justice program. I never knew Nick personally, but I knew off him.

To see someone so young pass away, your heart just aches. You feel for the family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are out to all in the Town of Westmoreland. As Matt Brundage put it on Facebook: “Over 700 likes on this page. Just shows how many people were touched by Nick and the type of person he was. Rest in peace man

Hundreds of comments have been posted and you can share your thoughts and prayers on Facebook by clicking here.


A video has also been made on YouTube



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