NYC, or at least the women therein have been making a splash since last year, parading around with seemingly forgotten tops and of course attracting all manner of reactions from passersby. That's four hours away though, what if this happened in our back yard 'pool' as it were?

A Facebook event went up back in April that has been stirring the waters of Sylvan Beach and beyond since because apparently Topless Tuesdays are supposed to start on August 1st of this year. My first eyebrow went up when I realized that August 1st isn't actually a Tuesday at all, and then the other eyebrow went up when I noticed another event by the same people called [Self-Pleasure] Mondays for this Saturday (???) The perpetrators behind the post obviously want the visibility of their 'event' to last for awhile and It doesn't take a journalistic sensibility to sniff out that this is nothing more than a poorly crafted publicity stunt. So, here I go giving it some more publicity...


Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It is still a relatively unknown fact that since 1992, it's been legal in the State of New York (and a few others) for women to go topless anywhere a man would but interestingly enough as legal as it is, we still don't see much of it and those that do are instantly branded as cooks. And speaking of cooks, as of this writing only one in five of the 130 'attendees' of this 'event' are women which further cements this joke in my mind. Thankfully only four of my FB friends are either attending or they get the joke too (guess how many of those were women?)

Obviously town officials have distanced themselves from this and are assuring families that they can still safely go to the beach on August 1st or any other day for that matter without fear of having to shield their kid's eyes. As for the debate on topless or not? Well, go right ahead and make some nip-, I mean ripples of your own by throwing your stone into poll (yeah, one 'o') below... Maybe we should do topless cruise ins (for cars that is) at the beach, oh wait. We already are!