Women just don't get it, but some men get freak out by everything. If you want to stay calm, cool, and collected, you should probably have her read this.

According to YourTango.com, here's the things that will freak most guys out:

1) Talking about having a baby, or naming a baby. If he's not thinking about babies, this could really freak him out.

2) Talking about marriage and the future too often. This may be too much too soon for him.

3) "Ladies Night.": He may think you are going to complain about him to your girlfriends.

4) Saying "We need to talk." Obviously, it sounds like you need to talk about something he did wrong.

5) Dramatic mood swings, due to your hormones. Too much drama and mood swings will scare him.

Read the full list from YourTango.com.

What freaks your guy out?