The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and that means Super Bowl parties are going to popping up all over. The main food at a Super Bowl party consists of some sort of cheese dip, meat, pizza, chicken wings and a lot of other junk food. So, what is a vegan to do at a Super Bowl party? Easy--bring a dish to share. And, the best dish to bring to any football party is a dip of some sort. Here are a few of my favorite vegan dips that are sure to be the perfect addition to any Super Bowl party.


Here is a very easy recipe for a vegan dietary staple--hummus. I make hummus all the time. In the video, cilantro is added to the hummus. I would say that's an ingredient you can leave out. Also, to make things easier, don't boil the garlic--just throw it into the food processor after you have peeled it. Hummus tastes the best with pita bread or pita chips.

Black Bean Dip

Are you in a hurry to make a dish for game day? Here is the easiest recipe. Three ingredients: black beans (a can is the fastest way), salsa and cumin. Check out the video.

Chili Bean Dip (Kidney Bean Dip)

Looking to make chili, but don't have the time to let it cook? Make it into a dip instead. I make a dip similar to this one. It tastes great. For the recipe, click here.

 Sunflower Spinach Pesto

Here is another recipe from Healthy Vegan Recipes. This is a great dish. Traditionally, pesto is served with pasta, but this sunflower spinach pesto is great as a dip. It is great with pita chips or with veggies.


You can't go wrong with chili. And, if you do it right, people won't even know it's vegan. It's pretty easy. Add as many vegetables as you want. Add different kinds of beans. Add tomatoes. Then, spice the chili to taste. If you really want it to taste great, add some vegan "ground beef"--it's pretty much like flavored tofu that looks like ground beef. Here is a video of a pretty easy recipe. This can be great as a dip, or in a bowl by itself. Oh, if you are making this for a vegan, don't add the cheese.