Do you want to impress your sweetheart but wanna stay away from the typical and uninventive chocolates and flowers for Valentine's Day? Here are a few neat gift ideas that show plenty of thought and are sure to let that someone special know that you pay attention to them, and hey these actually cost less than a dozen roses and last far longer!


Ever wanted to write your loved one a love letter but didn't know where to start? This book solves that and is basically a handwritten journal of the love story you share, from your perspective and in your words. Each page has a prompting liners or checklists that get your wheels turning and you fill in the rest... Can't beat this kind of personalization!


Can't blast the stereo or tired of passing the headphones back and forth to get your honey inside your musical atmosphere? Your sweetheart can read and you can do some computer work and still stay connected with this little gadget. Take this cute little guy with you with the attached keychain!






Looking for an innovative way to never lose those keys again while adding some accents to your wall? This his and hers key holder set is both chic and practical (and maybe even a tad risque?) and sure to end the nightmare of the mad dash for the missing keys when you're late for work. Now what do we do about that infernal TV remote?


This is definitely not for family game night and if you have gotten away from board games in recent years, this one will inspire you to return to your Scrabble roots, only spicing up the bedroom (or whatever room) in the process!






If you wanna crack open that Valentine's Day whiskey or wine bottle but don't wanna water your drink down as the ice melts, these soapstone cube rocks will keep your celebratory drink chilled while keeping it's potency intact! (After a few drinks, see the spice game above)


Ladies, wanna get your man's attention? This post-card on crack is one surefire way to let him know you're thinking about him and also an instant way to put you on his mind too during his busy day. This panty-gram costs less than your favorite eye-catchers Victoria's Secret and is sure to have the same effect!


Here's a modern twist to the love/friendship necklaces from years past. You take one half and your 'other half' takes the other, once you're both back together after the work day, the heart is complete. Want a hidden benefit? Each keychain's half-heart doubles as a bottle opener! Also, goes great with the his/hers key holders above!



Any manner of things from Things Remembered will be sure to a be a hit too: bracelets, flasks, shot glasses, picture frames and other basic (and inexpensive) items can come alive with a simple but personal touch from you. So, good luck this V-Day and if the thought of going to the dentist seems seemed more palatable than going shopping for your significant other, hopefully you're armed with some new and fresh ideas that'll calm your fears! this day is supposed to be fun, right? LOTS of fun! ;)