Everyone in Utica and Rome are all about "buy local", "Shop local", and the following phrase "Why would you want to go any where else when we have the best BLANK in Utica/Rome?". If you really want to be a local, you need to dress like one of our many treasures during Halloween. Here's the top Utica-Rome themed Halloween costume ideas.

Reggie The Riggie

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Impress your friends by dressing up like our cities dish! Reggie the Riggie can be a giant piece of pasta, or perhaps an entire bowl. The possibilities are endless. Just don't use real pasta, you may have dogs chase you.


Gus Greens 


Who let Reggie the Riggie get all the fun? You can dress up as a giant bowl of greens, Gus Greens. This would require an outfit that is a cross between Oscar the Grouch, and a giant bowl. You can make it work.


Tony Topix

Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Why not dress up like Utica's most influential website? Go as Tony Topix! You could dress up like the lady in this picture, print out famous Topix boards such as: "How old was ur best lover", "Cliffy", and "utica is rated a 1/2 star city out of 5". Go strong Tony Topix, let the haters hate.


Surly Ulysees The UC Can

Become Utica's meanest beer can, Surly Ulysees The UC Can! You can run around, yell at people. and end up vomiting in the corner at the end of the night. Maybe you can stock up your beer can costume with real beer. Make yours similar to this video with duct tape.


Carly Copper

Rome had a strong copper industry for many years, now it has one of the "hottest" copper mascots, Carly Copper! You can dye your hair a copper color, hot glue gun copper pennies all over your shirt, or have strings of gold tinsel running down your shirt. Try to make it a little revealing, Carly likes to take a walk on the wild side occasionally.


Denny The Herkimer Diamond 

Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd via Getty Images

Herkimer Diamonds are beautiful, and believed to be close to five hundred million years old. The crystals are magnificent works of nature found in the rock, and now they can also me magnificent Halloween costumes. Dress up like the Herkimer Diamond mascot, Denny the Diamond. This would require you bejeweling everything you are wearing for your Halloween costume.


Henry The Hall Of Fame

Fox Photos/Getty Images

Why not show off your Cooperstown Pride by dressing up like a Hall of Fame? This could be dressing up like a Baseball player with a medal on your neck, dressing up like a baseball, or going back to the Topix idea and gluing pictures of those in the hall of fame. Henry is quite the ladies man too! Think about it, he's pretty successful.


Tommy The Traffic Ticket

Keystone/Getty Images

Every Central New Yorker knows you will get a traffic ticket for just about anything in New York Mills. Dress up like a giant traffic ticket and shove it to the man!


Haunted Capitol with Josh Gates and Joe Chin

On October 17th we are hosting the 4th annual 'Haunted History' Event at the Rome Capitol Theatre based on the CNY Paranormal series. Meet Syfy Channel's Josh Gates of Destination Truth and Joe Chin of Ghost Hunters International as they tell their exploits and recount the history that could have created the ghosts before leading an investigation of the historic Haunted Capitol Theatre.