It's that time of year again where everywhere you turn, someone or something is telling you why it's the perfect time to join a gym. Diets may fail, but gym memberships could get you! Here’s what you should look out for.

Working out and getting into better shape is never a bad idea. According to here's a rundown of some big reasons of why not to join a gym:

1)      The Contract: A gym contract is like a regular contract. There are fees for everything and you're going to get locked into it for a while.

2)      Naked Dudes: There are some disturbing sights in the men's locker room that will be permanently burned onto your brain.

3)      The Intimidator: This is the person who makes the rest of us look bad. He clearly was a gift to society with all of his muscles, and naturally looks good.

4)      Personal Trainers: They can get pricey!

5)      The Smell: Imagine this one, the smell of a few hundred people sweating, breathing heavy and drinking vegetable shakes. Smells good right?

This was a comical list of course. Getting in shape is never a bad idea. Pick the right gym that fits you!