Each and every year we get to enjoy one of the greatest holidays in New York State; booze day. here in The New York Farm Bureau is holding a ‘Wine, Beer and Spirits’ summit in Albany today to discuss ways to promote and grow the industry here in our great state. It got me thinking, why do people drink here in Utica?

It's Better Than Water After The Boilermaker


After running a 15K Road Race why would you reach for water or Gatorade? Thats for babies. Every racer must be dying for an ice cold beer after 10 miles of running right?


After Driving All The Way From Utica To Rome


Central New Yorkers act like a 10-15 minute trip down Route 49 is a lifetime. You should take the day off and plan that long trip. You may be stressed after that drive so stop at the store, head on home, and crack open a Saranac.


Confusion With The Onedia Square Roundabout


Even though the new traffic circle has been functioning since the beginning of September, it's such a hard concept for people to understand. Maybe one of the biggest problems is that a circle is located in Onedia Square. Square....Circle. It's a lot of shapes going on. That'd make me drink too.


You Asked For Butter At Pellettieri Joe's And Had To Get Back In Line


If you've ever gotton the delight of eating at Pellettieri Joe's on Jay Street in Utica you know it's a very unique dinning experience. Let's say the order process can be compared to the soup nazi. There is a certain pattern to follow, and if you don't follow it, the staff won't acknowledge you what so ever. If you ask for butter so help me God you will pay! Never ask for butter. If you do you may get asked to leave the table and get back into line. I this happens crack open a cold one and expect another 45 minute wait.


You Decided Taking Genesee Street From Utica To New Hartford Was A Smart Idea


Who wants to drive the arterial when you can take the same street from Utica to New Hartford? How about over a hundred stop lights that you'll catch time and time again. For some reason if you decide to drive from Utica to New Hartford on this path you better have beer at home because its going to be a long day.