Women and guys are usually impressed by different things in movies. Women check out the studs, while men check out the explosions and actions. Our friends over at Maxim tried to dissect a man's brain and see what are the “best of the best” when it comes to movies.

Here's a rundown of some other awesome categories that highlight some of the best "man movie moments" of all time:

1) Best Bromance- Superbad -- After a night filled with drunken disasters, high school buddies Seth and Evan express their mutual platonic love for each other in sleeping bags.

2) Best Beatdown- Office Space -- When Office Space still airs and we see disgruntled office workers Peter, Samir and Michael drag a fax machine outside and beat it with a baseball bat, people still cheer.

3) Best Closing Credits- The Hangover -- The final images of the closing credits are almost better than the movie itself.

What are some of your favorite manly movie moments?