With unemployment hovering around nine percent, there are plenty of able-bodied people out there on the sideline, looking for work. Some might settle for terrible jobs, but honestly are these jobs that bad?

There are some jobs out there that sound terrible, but are actually awesome. According to BuzzFeed.com, here's a rundown of some of those jobs:

  • Ghost Hunter- You might be murdered by demons, but it's actually great because paranoid rich people pay a lot for this service and nobody has been killed yet.
  • Waterboy- You may be a little underappreciated, but at least you get the best seat at every game. Gattttoooorrrraddddeeeeeee
  • Circus Elephant Trainer- Most of your job involves picking up giant piles of elephant waste, but you're in prime position for the show.
  • Telemarketer- Trying to sell people things over the phone is not easy, but at least they can't see you over the phone. Casual Friday is every day!

What dream job do you wish you had?