With Christmas and New Years fast approaching it is very to think about low calorie or diet diet. Lets face it I want some flavor. Mabe you are in that per cent age that just can not wait until after New Years to start dieting her are a few low cal foods that you might want to try.

1) Egg Nog- has always been a Holiday favorite and you will happy to know that you can get it in low fat. The same goes for milk and cottage cheese.

2) Pies- If you are in to the sweets many of your favorite pies and cakes can be made low or no fat depending on what you use for pie filling or cake toppings. No matter what type of Holiday meal you may be having you can cut your calorie intake by half or more depending on the ingredients you use.

As for me there will be no holds barred. I guess I will just be fat and happy. Enjoy your Holidays!