With the big game coming up soon, as always, there is certainly more to focus on besides the game...The commercials!  Not just any commercials, but the Bud Light commercials always seem to steal the show year after year.  Here are some of the best Bud Light commercials from Super bowls past...enjoy all over again!

Here is one of my favorites...the beer fetching dog!  Here Weego!


What's better than dogs acting like people?  Nothing!  Check this ad from 2011's Super Bowl



Check this one from Super Bowl XLII - Will Ferrell plus commercial equals freakin hilarious!

How about this one from 2008?  Those crazy cavemen!


Super Bowl XLI featured Carlos Mencia schooling a group of non-English speaking folks on various dialects from around the country.  No speak English!


Enjoy the game this year, regardless of who is playing.  It's a great time to have a party and enjoy the company of good friends...and great commercials!