Are you ready for the last party of the summer? Are you really ready? Well if you don’t have a hot girl laying on a beer pong table, we don’t think you’re ready.

It's one thing to just drink, and it's a completely different thing to drink with style. Having some awesome booze accessories separates the men from the boys. Here's a rundown from of some of the coolest stuff out there:

Floating Beer Pong Table - it's not just for dry land anymore.

Gummy Shot Glasses- gummy shot glasses will help the booze go down smooth.

Seat Cushion Flask- Smuggling alcohol into sporting events and concerts is easy when you've got a seat cushion that doubles as a 36-ounce flask.

Rambo 12-Pack Ammo Belt- When you strap a 12-pack to your chest, your friends will know you mean business.

What’s your favorite drinking game?