Now if you’re shopping this Black Friday, you know the key to getting the best deals is to be prepared. Do you know the top Black Friday Deals? Probably not, so lucky for you, we did some research.

According to professional deal hunter Brad Wilson, founder of and, here are the best Black Friday deals out there:

1) Sharp 42-inch, 1080p LCD HDTV for $199.99 at Best Buy

2) Toshiba Smart Blu-ray player for $39.99 at Best Buy

3) Xbox 360 with Kinect and a $50 gift card for $199.96 at Wal-Mart

4) Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum for $279 at Target

5) HP laptop with i5 processor with Turbo Boost 2.0 for $480 at Office Depot

6) KitchenAid Pro 500 Series mixer for $199.99 at Sears

7) Lenovo Dual Core E-300 laptop for $179.99 at Best Buy

8) Vizio 42-inch 3-D LED Wi-Fi HDTV with 1080p, 240 hertz and four pairs of 3-D glasses for $598 at Wal-Mart

9) Kindle with special offers and $10 gift card for $79 at RadioShack

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