If you're picking flowers out of a funeral home's dumpster to give to your wife on Valentines day, you may be a redneck. To avoid that dumpster diving and celebrate the holiday of love like a redneck, check out some of these simple gift ideas. Here's how to have a Redneck Valentine's day. 

Beer Can Chicken Dinner

You're gonna need to cook her a special dinner. Why not combine to loves: Chicken, and Beer. Here's the best way to enjoy both on your festivities for Valentines day.

Sweet Baby Making Music From Billy The Big Mouth Bass

While you're getting drunk off your Chicken Beer, you're gonna need sweet baby making music. Who needs iPods? Why not have Billy The Big Mouth Bass sing you the tunes for a smooth 20 bucks.

Add In Some Skoal


You're gonna need a rocking dessert to impress her with. Why don't you ditch the cheese cake, forget the pies, and enjoy a smokeless tobacco and impress her like a redneck with a can of dip.

You'll Need Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia

Now if you're looking for some romance, you can't buy her silly things like diamonds or roses. If you want her to love you forever, you better make sure its Dale Earnhardt memorabilia. Let her rock out that number 3 bumper sticker with redneck pride.

Take Her To A Monster Truck Show

If you want her to beg you to stay the night, you better bring out the big guns for a super gift. Forget the Larry The Cable Guy DVDs, or Jeff Foxworthy cassette tapes, those are for babies. Treat her like the redneck goddess she is, with tickets to a Monster Truck Show.