It's that time of the year, "back-to-school" shopping. I know it feels like the kids just got out of school, but the back-to-school sales are back and it's time to think about buying the essentials for your students. Here are my top 5 places for the best back-to-school bargains.

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    What would back to school shopping be without a stop for new clothes. This was always my favorite part of back to school shopping, that and knowing that football season was about to start. My family has discovered that the clothing at JC Penney looks great and lasts longer than less expensive clothes and that means fewer purchases next year.

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    This seems like such an obvious choice I almost didn’t put it in our Top 5 list. Let’s face it. When it comes to saving the family money nobody seems to do it better than Wal Mart. We go through a lot of paper so we stock up on 15 cent notebooks and usually buy enough to have some left over for next year. Plus with our younger kids we stock up on crayons and glue because art is their favorite subject (recess was mine, no supplies needed, unless you count band aids).

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    With four kids in school we are always looking for bargains and Ollie’s definitely has them! You’ll find everything from pens and pencils to binders and paper at bargin prices. The best part is that all these products are named brand items not cheap imitations. We even found paper with regular ruled paper on one side and graph paper on the back! Math won’t be a problem this year.

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    Staples has everything you could possibly need to send your students back to the classroom. The one thing our family enjoys are the discounts on technology. We really enjoy the savings on thumb drives and copy paper. This is where dad buys his pens!
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    The number one stop for most of our school supplies throughout the school year is the Dollar Store. Knowing you can get a large majority of your child’s school supplies at just a buck makes the Dollar Store must shopping. They have the basics, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, crayons (for the younger kids), markers, paper and even the snacks!

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