Ha! You mean that status about being out with girlfriends may mean she's really at home watching shows? The thought never occurred to me ;) But yes, just because it's in print doesn't necessarily mean we should believe it. Here are the top lies or exaggerations that you ladies tell on Facebook:


Flickr / English106

#1) Saying you're doing something when you're really home alone.

Haha, already covered this one, but girls do this because they don't wanna seem like they spend many nights at home bored doing nothing... We all wanna seem exciting like we've got a social calendar that rivals a celebs, but if you throw out this fib, make sure you pick a place where you can't be proven wrong!

#2) How much alcohol you drank.

Yeah, this one is probably exaggerated to the minus side I'm guessing as in, "I really didn't have those 7 drinks you saw me chug and then dance like a stripper on the pool table... That wasn't me!" yup, except the FB pics and vids on our newsfeeds beg to differ!

#3) What you did or you're doing on vacation.

Maybe it rained the whole time you were in Cancun and you went the whole time in your room watching cable and staring at your FB feed. Everybody's gonna ask you how awesome it was... Make up stories? After all, who else is likely to be in Cancun that can substantiate your story? Chances are we'll miss the Mexican weather report, so you just MIGHT get away with it, but unlike the lie above, the LACK of pics might prove suspicious!

#4) Your job.

Did you talk up that promotion like you were a shew in but got ditched? Or maybe you're supposed to be at work but are really on vacation (see above). Sounds like the recipe for a little white lie, although that one will come back to bite you when someone sees you at the Dunkin drive-thru when you're supposed to be elsewhere. Careful ladies!

#5) Your relationship status.

Last but definitely not least, who wants to keep changing their relationship status every time they date someone new. Or maybe you feel like a failure and don't want the rest of the world to know how crazy your love life really is. This one makes sense and I'm actually guilty of it myself. Or just put "it's complicated" and be done with it. For most of us that status would actually work, single or coupled up!