It's Christmas time the most wonderful time of the year! The time of the year we show our love to others by giving them presents. I don't believe I've ever given a lousy gift to anybody, but I have received several less than wonderful presents. Apparently I'm not alone. According to a new Consumer Reports poll, one in five adults admitted to having been on the receiving end of at least one lousy holiday gift last year.

So, what do you do with your lousy holiday gift? Well according to the Consumer Reports poll, most of us just make the best of it, at least that's what 44% said that's what they do with a lousy gift. They apparently believe it's the thought that counts. Although I can't help but wonder, "What were they thinking when they bought this?".

Meanwhile 18% responded they donated the gift, and 15% re-gifted the item. If the gift was a lousy gift to you, what makes you think it's a good gift for someone else? 6% said they tried to sell it, which I suppose makes the people at eBay happy. You can see the full poll results here at