Brett Farve is going to throw a football again once again. Maybe not for the Packers, or the Vikings, but for charity. Farve has offered up a chance to throw a football with him as part of a charity auction.

Bid now on the exclusive opportunity to have legendary football star Brett Favre come toss around a football with your child and his or her friends at school or football practice in the Sumrall, Mississippi area.”

Who wouldn’t want to play catch with a legend? The only two requirements is that you have to head to Farve's home state of Mississippi, and that it has to be your son or daughter that plays catch with the former Green Bay Packer great. So, it can’t be you.

The proceeds for this item benefit The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. What that center is:

The RFK Center’s core programs focus on the power of the individual, working through alliances and organizations, to generate change. The RFK Partners For Human Rights bolster the efficacy of human rights defenders through sustained, strategic partnerships, extending their reach to legislators, diplomats, international institutions, and corporations. "

So it would be pretty cool to play football with Farve….besides the fact that he might retire mid-throw.

You can bid here. Bidding is over $5,000.