Nothing announces your manliness to the universe more than taking a big ol’ swig of your favorite adult beverage from a pocket flask. This gargantuan flask, however, will make you the envy of every drunk in the world and probably will place you on some police watch list.

The Sasquatch flask is available for purchase and isn’t just some internet gag. It can hold 128 ounces of sweet, satisfying liquor. It can also carry non-alcoholic beverages for those that happen to be on the wagon, however, drinking from a flask that’s three times the size of your head is a pretty good indicator you’re going to topple off that wagon very soon.

It’s made of stainless steel and even has the familiar screw-top of the typical flask. You can get it engraved with your name, a special message if you’re giving it as a gift or perhaps the phone number of next of kin in case you finish the entire flask.

[Via Thrillist]