As you know, the legendary Casey Kasem passed away on Sunday at age 82. My first exposure to Casey Kasem was as a very young DJ in 1970, running  his weekly countdown show, American Top 40.

At the time, I was working weekends at a top 40 radio station in the Utica-Rome area. I was still in college and  did news on Saturdays and a DJ show on Sundays, as well as runing recorded programs, like Casey Kasem's AT 40. I became so intrigued by his on-air style...friendly, sincere, easy-going, slow-paced and that unique signature voice.

In those days, DJs were judged by their big booming voices, but listening to Casey Kasem as I ran his show on the air Sunday mornings, I was amazed that his on-air delivery and persona were so different than all the rest. He was so inviting to listen to, telling thoes backstage and early career stories about the 40 artists and groups he counted down each week.

Sadly, the stories these past couple of years about Casey focused on his deteriorating health and family squabbling, instead of his great career. So, I just want to say, thanks Casey for being a one-of-a kind radio announcer, and as you used to say at the end of your show, "Keep reaching for the stars".

Fortunately, we can still hear Casey Kasem's soothing voice and wonderful tidbits about artists each week here on 96.1 WODZ, Sunday mornings from 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. on Casey Kasem's "AT 40 - The 70s".