I am quite sure that it has happened to each and every one of us at least once or twice. Not getting that one gift that you had your heart set on.You know how it goes, you wake up early on Christmas morning or if you were like me I could never sleep on Christmas eve night. I would go down stairs and sit by the tree. As I looked at the wrapped presents under the tree I could already tell that the one gift I really wanted was not there just by the size of the packages.

Growing up I would always get some really neat toys and clothes, but when you are a kid ya really don't appreciate clothes. I think now as an adult I would want nothing but clothes and some nice cologne. I remember the one Christmas just before I turned sixteen I wanted a snowmobile real bad, all my friends had one and would drive them to school, and I wanted badly to be part of that group. I knew that was a lot to ask my mom and dad for since they had three other children to buy for too.

Any way Christmas came, I did not get my snowmobile and I was heart broken. However there is a happy ending, even though I did not get it on Christmas day, they bought me one about a month later.

Did I deserve it? Probably not. Thanks again Mom and Dad.