You might have spent some time in bars over the weekend and if you were lucky you might have had the extra fun of seeing, or being involved in, a bar fight. Every man loves them, and we love watching them. What does Hollywood always get wrong?

Hollywood tends to not always learn about the facts before shooting a scene. For example, one thing that always urks me is movies about radio where the DJ doesn't wear headphones. We always wear them on the air, so it drives me nuts when they get it wrong. Maybe you feel the same about bar fights.


Here's a rundown from of some things the movies get wrong about bar fights:

  • Everybody has everybody else's back- In reality, most people do anything to actually avoid a fight. If a punch is actually thrown, most people's first instinct is to break it up.
  • Foreign objects are fair game, and preferred in a bar fight- When fists are flying, the weapons usually stay where they are. Why? Because nobody wants to go to prison.
  • Bouncers are looking for a reason to throw down- Bouncers actually don't want to fight any more than you do. The more quietly they can diffuse tense situations, the better.
  • The guy who knows martial arts wins every time- The kind of planning it takes to execute specialized martial arts techniques on a guy is not realistic in a bar fight setting. Instead, bar fights are more about survival than anything.

What else do they get wrong?

(Photo by Youtube)