Some guys have the ability to get through any social situation, some do not. For some odd reason I'm always socially awkward towards little kids. Socially awkward guys just don't know how to handle certain situations, which causes a lot of stress. Which situations are the worst?

Here's a rundown from of some terrible situations for socially awkward guys:

  • Getting a Massage- While you're getting a massage you’re mostly naked while getting intensely rubbed by a complete stranger. If you couldn't control your thoughts (and your intimate physiology), this would be a nightmare.
  • Standing Next to Someone at a Urinal- There are some guys who are NOT socially awkward who have trouble with this one. The whole idea of urinals are awkward.
  • Yoga Class- Women all around you in leotards are gracefully performing stretching exercises while you sweat and struggle to not topple over. Very difficult to look cool here. Very difficult to blend in.
  • Spending Time With Someone Else's Baby- If you don't have the strength and confidence to hold a baby, having someone thrust a baby in your face is enough to make you want to run away screaming.

What common situations do you feel awkward in?