It's been a summer filled with zombie-apocalypse related articles from bath salt mania, to men eating their pet dog. The show that sparked the recent fear of a zombie takeover, The Walking Dead, is back. Season three made it's debut last night (10/14) and we have the full review on Episode 1 “Seed”. 

Time has passed by and a cure for the walking dead hasn't come. It looks like we skipped right over winter and are now in the midst of spring. Hershel has become hairy, Carl looks a tad bit older, Lori looks like she will give birth any second, and everyone just looks beaten down.

It’s amazing how the first few minutes of the episode we heard nothing but silence from our cast of survivors. It's amazing how you can just feel the tension in the group. The group is desperate for food and shelter. We even see Carl attempt to open a can of dog food to chow-down. Shortly after Rick rips the can out of his hands, they are forced to evacuate the house because of a herd of walkers.

Daryl and Rick decide to go on a little hunt where they stumble upon a gem in the woods. In a non-zombie filled world prisons are viewed as a place for criminals, and probably the last place any human being would want to end up. That's not the case in our “Walking Dead” universe. It's seen as a safe haven.

They have stumbled upon the prison we saw in last season’s finale and Rick thinks its perfect. I love how it starts out action-packed and everybody’s in on it, even Carol. Carl has also become a pretty good shot. Rick does a suicide run to close the gate. A few moments of fun shooting down some zombies and all’s clear. Night falls and everybody is feeling pretty good, already making plans, wishfully thinking and singing.”

I give Rick a lot of credit, taking the prison is truly brilliant. What could possibly be safer? You can lock out the outside world, and kill all the walkers inside. There should be plenty of food, shelter, medicine, and a nice bed to sleep on. However, I think Rick was moving way to fast by wanting to take the whole prison in a matter of days. This is where possibly the coolest part of the episode takes place.

The next day, Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and T-Dog enter the next section of the prison, keeping a tight formation to hack and slash through the droves of walkers. Their most difficult kills come from undead guards outfitted with riot gear, though Maggie manages to devise a way to take them down, as Rick tears off another’s gas-mask to find its undead face pops off with it! The area seemingly secure, the five press on inside to clear Cell Block C, bringing in the others to settle in to their new digs.”

Walkers in riot gear had to be the coolest thing I've ever seen. It was perfect, the Walkers could not bite because the masks were on, but they were super hard to take down. Lucky our crew was able to handle the situation and take these guys down.

At this point we see a pretty bizarre story line unfold, Lori and Rick do not seem to get along at all. Something must have happened over the winter because Lori and Rick seem so distant. Later in the episode it just becomes clear that Lori is in a world of worry over the baby.

While the group arms up and prepares to head deeper into the prison, Lori calls Hershel with her concerns about the baby being stillborn. Worried that the baby could kill her from the inside out, or kill them both in the birthing process, Lori begs Hershel to put them both down should the need arise. Hershel assures her things will be alright for both she and her family, as the group heads out onto their mission.”

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