Peyton Hillis, running back for Cleveland Browns, won the title of being on the cover of the video game Madden 2012. He beat out Michael Vick, who was runner up in the voting. While being on the cover of this game (or any game) should be an honor, it has become something to be avoided as many people believe that the player on the cover gets jinxed.

According to Sports Illustrated, The Madden Curse goes all the way back to 2001, when running back Eddie George of the Titans went from a career year of 1,509 yards and 14 TDs to never averaging better than 3.4 yards per carry in any successive season.

Every year since then, injuries, poor production and even a sex scandal (Brett Favre!) has struck the players on the cover. So, we'll just have to see what happens to this year's "winner" Peyton Hillis. Could he be the guy to finally break this curse?

(Photo by Peyton Hillis/Facebook)