Once again it appears that the movies have seeped over into real life, cause that's all NASA guys do is watch Star Trek, Star Wars and other Sci-Fi films to get their ideas, right? Well, it's obvious now that NASA people actually do come out of their caves to procreate because this latest inspiration is all Disney's fault.


NASA / Pixar

Just looking at it I can HEAR Buzz's catch phrase! They say they're working on a 'Z2' model to replace this prototype soon and I'm hoping that maybe they'll include the wrist laser (that actually WORKS) and the pop-out wings! Or maybe they'll scrap this and go completely in the other direction, attaching a cowboy hat and a pull-string with "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" on the back. One thing's for sure, the earth, now more than ever is ripe for the invasion of Zurg's minions...